‚ÄčAnd to the left are 7 quilts on the top shelf of the closet that are quilted and are waiting for their binding.  Ah Chaos....gotta love it.  

And then there are the other ways I have things kept.  I have always loved using slacks/skirts hangers.  This closet had this rod in place, so it turned out to be a great way to store these things, that I haven't gotten project boxes for yet.  The things hanging to the right, which is on the back of the door are tops waiting to be quilted.  

My dear husband had this sign made for me.  I had one also when I lived in Lynden.  Unfortunately it broke when we removed it from the door....

I'll have to be sure to be more careful taking this one off, plus it will have to be changed to Napa, CA....

Where the Chaos Happens!!

Our move from the PNW to NorCal required me to downsize from a 2000 SQ - 3 bedroom home to a 1200 SQ 3 bedroom condo.  So lots of stuff had to be sold, gifted, tossed.  Including a lot of items from my studio.  The new studio space has (had, now that I have to move again, sigh.....) great lighting and wonderful closet space, but not much square footage.  I really miss my two big and one small design walls I had.  Have a medium one here, but it goes behind the door, so isn't nearly as functional.  Just when I thought I had some rearranging to do that would make it more comfortable, I got the news that I need to move.  But I wanted to show you parts of where I work now.  


The Chaotic Quilter

The door opens and I'm greeted by some of my project boxes.  I'm sure, like you, I've gone through many different ways to store ongoing projects.  These plastic boxes (usually found on sale at Michael's.  At one point Costco had them in a 6 pack, really inexpensive.  Check around December when they start putting out organizational items. 

You can see I have more projects stacked on top of my cabinet.  Each box has whatever blocks are done, fabric, pattern, any specialty ruler needed.  So when I am heading out to a retreat, I can grab the boxes I want to work with and have all I need.

Sharon Templeton is a long time quilter, teacher and presenter who has recently moved to Northern California after spending her entire life in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle.  Quilters from around the state of Washington have LOVED seeing her quilts and being motivated by her enthusiasm and joy of sharing tips, tricks and fun.

Sharon spent her professional life caring for birthing moms and families as an OB RN, in Tacoma and Bellingham. She retired with the move to NorCal, to get to know a new part of the country.  

Family is her first love and includes her husband of nearly 41 years, 3 grown sons, 2 daughters in law, 1 grand daughter, 4 grandsons and 2 cats, 2 grand dogs  

Now that she has settled into her new home, Sharon is excited to get back on the road, presenting her quilts to a new audience; and to learn how to negotiate all those freeways that have an "80" in their name.