Genie's Quilt

I made this quilt for Genie the first Christmas after she and my oldest son Kyle got married.  I'll have to get a better photo of this one too, the quilting is amazing, done by my friend Sally Howard in Seattle.  All custom quilted.  A real beauty that several of my friends made after seeing this one.  Best compliment ever, when someone makes something after seeing yours.

Jillian's Quilt

When I was in the hospital after having birthed my first baby Kyle, a wonderful friend came to visit me with a quilt.  It was this pattern, in blue, and had Kyle's name and statistics embroidered on it.  I was astonished!  This was years before I started quilting.  Nearly 30 years later my first grand child - Jillian was born.  I had put the word out on the internet that I wanted to find this pattern so I could make her a quilt.  And within weeks, 4 different people sent it to me!!!  It is an old Butterick pattern, I think.  Means a lot to me, and to Jillian who is now 13. 

Marie's Gramma Quilt

​This was a very early piece from me.  Marie is a darling nurse who I worked with in Tacoma, and when she discovered she was going to have a Grandbaby, she asked me to make a quilt for her!  She sent me the fabrics she wanted me to use, and I added the red and yellow for the attic windows.  That Granddaughter is probably a teenager now!

My Garden Window

A pretty early piece, which was gifted to a friend as a wedding gift, as she had always loved it on my wall.  I have done this in a workshop setting and have come up with some great other borders for it, wish I had used my camera to save some.  But I do plan to make it again, and will be sure to take some pictures.

Tulip Winner

I used to be a retreat coordinator for a couple of different quilting groups.  One retreat, this tulip block was the Raffle block.  Instructions were sent ahead of time and those who wanted to play made a block in the florals of their choice with the yellow center.  And I WON them!!!  Woo Hoo!!  I carried them around to a few retreats, trying to decide on a setting, and came up with this one.  The pinwheel blocks were "planover" HST's from a different project.  I really do try to use it all!!  

Stars Over Poulsbo

I love this project.  This was a quilt I ended up donating to another fundraising auction.  But looking at it now, I know I'm going to make another one!  

This will become one of my workshops offered in 2015.  

Connie's Quilt

This is a pattern I used to teach as a beginning quilting class.  I liked that it included lots of basics, plus a bit of paper piecing and then some encouragement to play with the layout.  It was a proud moment when one of my students earned a ribbon at the Northwest Washington State Fair with her finished project.  

I gifted it to a wonderful friend who moved to Idaho, as it is called Home Sweet Home.  

Blue and Yellow Beauty

This is another quilt that I used as a mystery quilt.  An all day class.  Again, I wish I had thought to take photos back then.  I've always loved this one, and donated it for an auction.  It is on my list of quilts to do again.  ​

​It is interesting to me that this is the most repinned quilt on my Pinterest account!!  

Aunt Kay's Quilt

​This is another mystery project I shared with my small quilting group back home.  

My Aunt Kay lives out in the 
"boonies".  Every summer she and Uncle Robin host a family picnic. Besides the awesome food and fun, I'll always remember the enormous garden they tended and the amazing amount of stars in the sky.  

This project can also be a one day workshop.

Linda's Quilt

Over 10 years ago, my good friend Linda asked if I would make her a quilt.  She chose the fabric and I took it home to make something for her.  I love how it came out, it is an oversized throw, not a bed quilt.  I wish I was a better picture taker back then....

My First Quilt

You see why I fell in love with nine patch blocks???  And florals?  And purple?  I even quilted this one on a friends long arm while attending a retreat at her place.  It's fun to see how my sewing skills have improved over the years.  A treasure for me, for sure.

There Was This Photo

I saw a photo online of a quilt, and after much searching, could not find a pattern for it.  So I printed out the photo and figured it out for myself.  I loved how the blocks ran into the border.  Of course it had to be in my favorite color.....Just three different fabrics in this one.  One of my favorites.

Aunt Adele's Quilt

Oh the stories I could tell about my Aunt Adele....

​She is the REDDEST person in my life!  My Mom's older sister.  My middle name is Adele.  I need to make this quilt again, so I can share it as a workshop.  Part of the nine patch series.  Learn how to made the woven border.  

The Chaotic Quilter

Chet's Quilt

When we arrived in Whatcom County, Chet was a big part of that move.  He continued to be such an important person in L Jay's professional life there.  At the time we made the decision to move south for his last five years of working, I knew I had to have something special for Chet to thank him.  Lots of my favorite things are part of this quilt.  

Northwest Trees

My first quilting class in 1994 was at a shop called The Calico Cat in Auburn, WA.  I signed up for their Block of the Month program, and so these blocks came to me once a month to assemble.  I loved doing it so much, I actually have the pieces using the same patterns, but in spring fabrics!  My husband asked me for an auction quilt for his big Boys & Girls Club auction and when I said he could pick one, this is the one he chose.  I miss it, but it was a good cause.  I'm sorry the Calico Cat is no longer in business.

Kathy's Quilt

 I've always loved pinwheels, and yes I do like the piano key borders, I use them quite a bit.  I gifted this to my sister in law Kathy, who lives in Georgia.  The colors aren't exactly Pacific Northwest,  but hopefully a reminder of "home".

Michael's Quilt

Michael is a young man now, OMG!  His parents took my prenatal education class, and his mom Elaine, was one of the founding members (along with Michael) of a New Mom's support group I started and facilitated long ago.  When I moved away (still sad about that one) I gifted Elaine and MIchael this quilt.  Lot's of really fun novelty prints in basic darks and lights.  Also a fun quilt to do in a workshop, where everyone can trade prints to get a good variety.  Michael is now in Middle School and Elaine remains a great friend.   

I'm glad my photography skills have improved since then...

Mystery Quilt

This was a great project for a guild I belonged to up in Bellingham. I broke it down and presented it as a mystery, and had them bring their fabric choices to me before they began cutting.  So it wasn't quite as "scary" for those who were very resistant to the idea of a mystery.  Was a great success!!  Very different for colorful me, to work in a monochromatic palette.  See, I do more than wild and scrappy!!  It was a long time ago, and this quilt I donated for an auction, so I don't have it anymore, and I actually miss it.  Might have to make another one.  The pattern, as I recall was from Down Home Quilting.

Red White and Blue

This was a project that I arranged our small quilting group to do, as an auction quilt for the Ferndale Boys and Girls Club.  Turned out great and raised a lot of money for a tremendous organization.

Kyle's Quilt

Kyle is my oldest. This quilt is a bit on the long side, because he is taller than the average bear....He is a high school boys basketball coach, independent business owner, high school teacher, father of 3 little boys of his own and husband.    A challenge for me to not use any florals in a quilt!!  

Memories of Cherry Trees

As a child in Seattle, we had a small orchard with several cherry trees across the street.  My sisters and I would spend hours up in those trees, creating all kinds of stories.  This quilt reminds me of those wonderful times.  

Pineapple Anyone???

This was a really fun project, one that I did from Bonnie Hunter's great site,  It was different for me to use a yellow as a background.  I used a more Southwest type color grouping, which was also different.  With her method, there are some pieces left over, that were made into other blocks and added to another project.  

​This is one that will be offered as a class if your Guild would like to play along.

Hearts and Star

This is a class I taught a few times, using a paper piecing method that I could tolerate - LOL!!  It's a nice wall hanging that gets to come out for Valentines Day and hang through March.  I am willing to teach this class and method, but only if you can't find something else you like......:-)

Stars Abound!!

​Really, really fun project.  The flying geese border was actually made from some HST's from previous projects.  I don't like to call anything a "leftover"'s really a "planover"....Very fun blocks to do for a guild swap project.  

BOM - Romance

This was a fun block of the month I created for a local quilt shop up north.  The blocks are my own creation and the program was offered in 4 different fabric collections.  This was my favorite.  I gifted it to a young lady who was so kind to me on my arrival in Napa.  She later moved to LA and I wanted her to have something special from me before she left.  

Jan's Quilt

This quilt was gifted to a darling friend of mine, who is a Cancer Survivor Sister!!  Besides sharing that little trait, we also both love florals and purples. 

This quilt is offered as a workshop for your guild and is the place I will teach you how to do beautiful, and EASY mitered corners!!