​I know that a mystery quilt can be scary.  My thinking behind participating, is to know the work of the person providing the clues.  If I like the projects done in the past, then I can usually trust the outcome to be something I will like.  You can browse my Gallery quilts and several of those I have shown were done as a mystery that I created for another group.  I hope you will join us!

​Coming Soon - First Chaotic Quilter Mystery Quilt!!!

You need 87 blocks for this project.  I will post the next step soon.  Have fun!

from a WOF 1 1/2" strip of the white cut 1 1/2" squares for that last corner.  

Once more, move your ruler to the left so that the 1 1/2" line is on the left and make one more cut on the right.

Then move your ruler so the 4 1/2" line and cut on the right again.  

Then move it again, so the 3" line is on the left and cut again on the right.

You can see the pile I have created here on the floor, coming out of the machine.  It's always so satisfying to make a long chain like this.....

Then to the ironing board they go.  After setting the seams, I press them to the dark.  Then they get snipped apart.  Easy so far, right?

For this project the light colors are going to be in the corners and the center.  For each nine patch block you will need a strip of color (red for me) that is 1 1/2" x 7".  I pulled random red strips from my 1 1/2" box and cut 7" pieces off.  They will be chain sewn to the white strip, which I have used 1 1/2" x WOF.  This way they can be chain sewn.  Fewer little pieces to deal with. 

Making the Nine Patch blocks:

There are 87 Nine Patch blocks in this lap quilt.  I am making them 3 1/2 inch unfinished.  If you want to make them bigger, send me a note and I'll give you the cutting sizes to use this same method.    My background - WHITE - is all the same fabric.   The reds are all different throughout the quilt though constant within each block.  So each 9 patch block has only two fabrics in it.  

This is our project.

I am reproducing it in red and white again, but will make some other choices for my plain squares

Pick a color combination you would like.  I do plan to make this again, using primary colors for the nine patch blocks and then childrens novelties for the plain squares.  

Let's Sew!

Let's start out with something basic.   And one of my very favorites.  We are going to make my basic Nine Patch project.  This will include instructions on making Nine patch blocks that may be new to many of you.  It is my favorite when I want lots of blocks using different fabrics.  The fabric WITHIN each block is constant, but the blocks together are assorted.  

I will also share my favorite way to make HST's.  

And we will finish with instructions on a braided border.  Sound like fun?  Let's get started.

The Chaotic Quilter

Lay them out as shown and sew them together!!  

And VOILA you have 4 perfect subunits for your block.  Now what?  

With the 6" line on the left , make your cut on the right.  You now have exactly what you will need for the subunits for the block.  

With right sides together I was able to put SIX of the 7" colored strips on the WOF white strip and sew a long chain.

Place your ruler on the unit, with a bold line on the seam line.  We know we need 4 - 1 1/2" cross cuts.  I like to cut these from the right.  I find it is more accurate, less straightening of the edges.  I cut on the right so I have a straight edge, then move the straight edge to the left.